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Android is an operating system. It operates in smartphones. This operating system belongs to Google. Android is a very powerful operating system. It is because of android that an individual is able to download multiple apps in the smartphone. The operating system works well in coordinating various apps. Android is the operating system in thousands of phones. As an operating system Android is far more better in comparison of iOS. Majority of the population of world uses Android smartphone. Most of the people also like to play games in their respective devices. there are virtual games which can be played not only in smartphone but also in tablet personal computer and laptop. These games are very interesting to play and have various categories. Each category of these games are different from the others. The developers of these games come from different fields and there is a lot of variety in the world of virtual games. There are games which are made specially for a specific age group. Developers of game target these age groups of people and then develop games accordingly. The developers of games while developing games keep in mind the taste and interest of the people belonging to these age groups.

While playing games the user has two choices, the user can either play games online or can download games and can play games even when there is no internet connection or at those places where there is absence of internet connection because the user is in some remote area. The user faces the problem of playing only some levels of games after downloading the game. For playing every scene and every level of a game it is necessary that the user should download the full version of the game. Once the user has downloaded full version of game then the user can play every level of the game and can unlock advanced levels of the game. The user can download full version of games through websites. There are many websites which allow the users to download full version Android Apk games without investing a single penny. It is very easy to download full version Apk games.,,, apk4free, etc. are a few websites from which the user can download games. The user can also download full version of games from play store.

9apps store 
We are here for downloading best Android games with help of 9Apps Store so that we can Play It comfortably without paying a single amount for the games. Most of the app stores with provide games download charges a lot for each games but in case of store but don't need to to pay single amount. Only you have to follow the instructions at the time of planting and you will get almost all the games for free.